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Hello to Newgrounds!

2010-09-28 00:04:17 by mwmdragon

Flash Game Design Dot Info (FGDI) []

The reason Flash Game Design Dot Info (FGDI) exists is this. I have been wanting to learn flash game development for years but have always put it off due to the perplexing look of the main flash application. I knew there were videos and books I could ready but I had no interest in designing a web page with it, and that's the direction may of the learning tools took back when flash was new.

Since then I have had a lot of experience with other languages and developing applications in PHP, which was another language I was afraid of until I forced myself to learn it. And after all that practical experience and the suggestions of my wife to take a course on flash, I realized that I was going to have to not only put out some money for these online courses, I would be reading the courses textbook on my own anyways. That and the fact that I would have to take a beginners course before an intermediate course made me think about how much time it would take before I felt it was worth the money and effort.

After mulling everything over, I though to myself that I could read up on multiple online courses and put together a great course of my own, based on concepts covered in those courses, and so I did.

This site is just a reflection of where I am in the whole process. It isn't made exclusively for the public, it isn't to prove anything, it's simply a place I can keep track of and reinforce my learning. I have generously allotted 3 years to this project, although I can make flash games right now after reading just the one great book, I want to broaden my learning into many areas of game programming. Areas I know I'll be hitting are Object Oriented Programming, Programming Design Patterns, Animation, Physics and Math (cringe) and many other topics I haven't even touched on yet.

I intend to drag a few people with me in this journey, and I know that self learning isn't for everyone, and not everyone will stick with it, but I just want to thank everyone now for putting up with me and this adventure I hope to complete. If all goes as planned I should be pumping out bad flash games in no time, and after some more learning, I hope to produce some quality flash games, which is the whole focus of this lengthy project.

Quick Info

* Software: Adobe Flash CS4

* Language: Actionscript 3.0

* Goal: Quality Game Development

* Duration: 3 Years Max

We plan to post all of our stuff on our site and here on Newgrounds if it makes the cut of being usable to other flash game developing beginners here.

Hello to Newgrounds!


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