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Human IK Bones

2010-10-06 16:23:12 by mwmdragon

When learning about the bones tool available in Flash CS4 we instantly wanted to mess around with bones on a human form but most tutorials showed how to use them in a worm like shape or a pheudo human form with poor IK (Inverse Kinematics). So we figured it might be helpful to create a visual diagram of how human IK bones look to help those interested.

This is a very easy to make setup where you can play with the human form after the bones are added. Start by making the basic human form and convert each piece into a Movie Clip. You can name them like we did above but it doesn't really matter unless you are goingt o be accessing these body parts by Actionscript in the future.

16 Move Clips Needed

* Head

* Neck

* Torso

* Hips

* Right and Left Upper Arm

* Right and Left Fore Arm

* Right and Left Hand

* Right and Left Thigh

* Right and Left Shin

* Rightand Left Foot

After you have all parts make and converted into Movie Clips, start adding your bones at the very base of the hips, in the middle, like show in the picture and just work you way through adding the other bone connections placing the joins as shown.

Now to test it you can click on the new layer in the Time line called "Armature Layer" and edit the "Type" property to "Runtime" in the Properties window. Now when you test your movie you can play with your newly boned human form.

Of course there is always room for improvement with this bone structure but we just wanted to make this a quick, simple example.

Human IK Bones


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